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At Annie's Little Valley, we specialize in creating stunning display cakes for special occasions, weddings & styling shoots. Instead of real, edible cakes, we design and craft display cakes that look just as beautiful as their edible counterparts.


There are several advantages to choosing a display cake for your event. 

​1. Design & Size

Display cakes allow for greater flexibility in design and size. Since they don't need to be edible, display cakes can be made much larger or more intricate than traditional cakes.  

2. Transport & Set-up

Display cakes are much easier to transport and set up than real cakes.
All our display cakes come with a transparent carry box, and since they don't need to be refrigerated or handled delicately, you can easily pick up the cakes from us and set up
 them quickly and efficiently at the venue. Then you can enjoy a stress-free wedding or event without worrying about cake mishaps or transportation issues. 

3. Cost

Display cakes are typically cheaper than real cakes because they are not edible.
We often use cake foams for the structure, which makes them much sturdier. And there will be no cake-cutting fee at the venue. But real cakes usually use more expensive ingredients, not to mention, the price of butter is going up now, and eggs are gone!

4. Preserve Memory

We all have ways to preserve our precious memories. We take photos, collect little gifts, and keep mementos from important life events. And we write down special moments to make sure they are forever recorded.


So why not preserve your cakes too? While traditional cakes are hard to store because they might go off easier and take up room in the fridge or freezer, display cakes are a better option for those who want to keep their cake longer. No matter if it is a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a special celebration, we are here to help you create an ever-lasting memory. 


Overall, display cakes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a beautiful, unique centrepiece that is visually impressive and practical. With our display cake service, we are excited to offer even more options and flexibility for your wedding or event needs. 


Pricing differs according to the intricacy of the design requested.
We craft all sugar flowers by hand so you will need to
book your cake with at least 2 months in advance.

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