Annie's Little Valley Lightroom Presets Mobile

Annie's Little Valley Lightroom Presets Mobile


Hello Friends! :) As we have received lots of questions asking about how we edit our photos to get the rustic look. So I have created this Lightroom presets package to help you edit your images more efficiently.   


In this package I have included 9 of my favourite adjustments in Lightroom, as well as a PDF explaining how to apply the presets on your photos. All presets will work very well on any type of camera file, in different lighting situations - from soft light to direct, as well as interior shots. You will be able to adjust your image easliy with just one click, but I do recommend adjusting the white balance after you apply the prests in Lightroom and nailing the exposure to get the perfect photo.


Enjoy the editing! ;)


Lightroom Classic CC, 4, 5, 6 & higher and Photoshop Camera Raw (ACR) CC & CS7

*The Mobile Pack is compatible with iOS and Android mobile platforms


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